Core W TF Light Touring Ski Boot - Women

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The Hagan Core provides an unrivaled combination of superior hold, downhill performance, ease of operation, durability and reliability.
  • The Hagan Core WTF is ideal for women seeking a boot for light and fast ski touring. At just 1,130 grams in the 26.5 size, the Core WTF is ideal for light touring while providing excellent fit, adjustment and support. The Core WTF fully thermo-formable liner provides uninhibited range of movement, superior comfort and warmth, and shaves grams. Perfect fit is achieved with 100% thermoforming of the liner.

    The Hagan CORE TF approaches the weight of the lightest full on skimo race boots. It does so while providing superior hold, adjustment and downhill performance. The upper cuff provides genuine 60° ankle rotation, making the CORE the ideal companion for long climbs, traverses and technical sections. The anatomically correct shell (ACS) provides perfect power transmission, ensuring a high degree of precision and stability for not only the descent, but also for uphill climbs in exposed terrain or when using crampons. The Grilamid shell material, the BaX frame Cuff, a perfectly positioned cuff inclination and the extra-wide power strap (OCB - Oversized Closing Belt) provide sensational ski control in all situations. The Multi-Deflect-Buckle System (MDB) provides optimal power distribution to the shell and holds the foot securely in position during ascents and descents.

    The boot liner of the Core TF is 100% thermoformable for a completely customized, full-contact fit. The closed-cell EVA foam provides superior warmth and comfort, and makes the liner 60 grams lighter. The Core TF is the perfect companion for light and fast performance-oriented ski tourers.

  • Color

    Blue upper/white lower


    Anatomically-Guided-Shell (AGS)

    Upper Cuff



    Neo-Flex-Tongue (NFT)


    Multi-Deflect-Buckle-System (MDB)


    Oversize-Closing-Belt (OCB)

    Ski-walk mechanism

    Easy-Slide-Lock-System (ESL)





    Cuff Range of Motion





    Women 24.0 - 27.5

    Binding Compatibility

    Tech + Marker King Pin




    100% thermo-formable liner by Palau

  • The Hagan Core boot is compatible with all climbing crampons including the classic and new classic closure systems. Especially suitable are the Grivel “Skitour” and “Skirace” crampons as well as the CAMP “Race 290.”


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2016-2017 Hagan Ski Overview and Data Sheet
2016-2017 Hagan Ski Overview and Data Sheet