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Core 10


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Adjust heel and toe for optimal positioning!

  • The key, revolutionary feature of the Core 10 is that the position of both the heel AND toe can be adjusted - meaning boots can be properly centeredPlus, the position of toe is adjusted with buttons - no tools required. The heel is adjusted with a common Philips screwdriver. The Core 10 is is the fastest and easiest adjusting binding. Perfect for rental and demo fleets, but also fantastic for your personal fleet, especially if you loan your gear to friends and family.

    The Hagan Core 10 binding is designed and built for heavy use, with the same high quality materials used in the production of the Hagan Core binding, for performance and lightness not available in other bindings. 

  • The Core 10 binding combines several ingenuous performance innovations: an extremely solid boot/ski connection, no torsional movement, precise release and great descending feel. Improving on the proven performance of tech bindings takes knowledge of what works and what doesn't. The Core has wide toe and heel mounts that more effectively transfer power to the edges of wide, freeride skis. A new patented E.R.S. ® (Elastic Response System) system absorbs energy resulting in consistent release values while allowing the ski to flex naturally under compression for improved downhill performance. The heel pivots rotationally to provide consistent release and retention. The patented CAM heel system adjusts to impact forces, providing far better control and skiing precision than simple “U Forks.”

    At only 390 grams, the Core 10 is the lightest high-performance free ride touring demo binding in the world!

    In addition to the wide base plates and elastic heel piece, the Core also features easy toe entry and quick and secure clamping that is far superior to standard tech bindings. The toe is designed for much easier step-in, even with older and worn boots. The heel piece can be turned in any direction. The brake arms are extra long with wide hooks to stop your skis quickly when they go airborne without you. Integrated crampon hooks allow stress-free ascents up bulletproof snow or in no-fall zones. All DIN release adjustments on the binding can be made with a standard Phillips screwdriver, so you can leave a few extra tools out of your pack.

  • WEIGHT: 390 grams
    CATEGORY: Rental/Demo
    MATERIALS: Aluminum Alloys, Injection-molded POM thermo-plastic, Stainless Steel
    RELEASE: 5-10
    ADJUSTMENT: 50 + 30 mm (80 mm total)
    BRAKE SIZES:  Same as the regular Hagan Core 12 Pro binding: 75mm, 86 mm, 91mm, 97 mm, 102mm, 108 mm, 120mm


    ULTRA-FAST® POSITIONING: this system provides easy movement of the toe and heel positions for quick adjustment to different boot sizes.

    ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM®:  this system absorbs energy during ski compressions and releases it during the ski extension, allowing your skis to work the way they were designed while creating consistent retention and release.

    CAM HEEL SYSTEM®: controls the hooking pins stabilization, offering extreme skiing precision.

    INTEGRATED CRAMPONS HOOK®: integrated into the base of the toe piece for extreme rigidity and lightness!!

  • 70mm, 86mm, 91mm, 97mm, 108mm and 120mm Crampons