Boost 94 skis & skins plus Pure 10 binding

At Hagan, we believe ski touring should be an accessible sport so more people can enjoy its physical and mental health benefits.

Some brands, and seemingly most retail shops, tend to push people to their most expensive products to fatten up their bottom line. ($1500 skis! Please!!)

Hagan starts with affordably priced products and then we bundle them together at great savings to make the deals even better.

At Hagan we don't try to price people out of the sport. Instead, we try to minimize the financial barrier to participation.

The Hagan Boost 94 bundle is a prime example of our "Everyman's Ethos!"

Pro quality all-mountain skis, skins and bindings for $ hundreds less than some brands charge for just a set of skis.

Hagan Boost 94 skis and matching Hagan Boost 94 climbing skins pair perfectly with Pure 10 bindings!

Purchase the complete set together and save time, effort and $ hundreds!

Choose the 97mm brakes for the Pure 10 bindings to best fit the Boost 94 skis.