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ATK Raider 14 2.0 Free Tour Binding

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  • The ATK Freeraider 14 2.0 is the predominant freetour binding available. Functionally similar to the HAGAN Core binding, the Freeraider 14 kicks up the retention another two levels, to DIN 8-14 and has an extra wide toe mounting plate, with an extra 4 mounting screws. The Freeraider includes an integrated freeride spacer. (The freeride spacer is an optional accessory for the Core binding.)

    The toe geometry is much improved and optimized over the ATK Raider 14:  the new EASY ENTRY SYSTEM system creates simpler, reactive and powerful “step-in” with every type of boot, even with older and worn ones.

    Ski brakes are included and available in 4 different sizes (97, 102, 108, 120mm), providing a perfect fit with any ski model.

    The Freeraider heel is completely revised to significantly increase the ease and comfort of use and to provide even higher performance to the most extreme riders. The introduction of the new patented E.R.S system (ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM) absorbs ski compressions, reducing the pressure on the ski/binding system and keeping the correct ski radius in any conditions. This system enables exceptionally high precision, sensitivity and top performance in big jumps and extreme lines.

    Version 2.0 introduces the new patented MAGNETO HEEL FLAPS, greatly increasing the comfort and speed of transition from one walking mode to another: 2 magnetic flaps provide 5 walking positions (flat, +38, + 41, + 48, + 58mm) and can be activated with the tip of the pole, thus reducing the risk of losing balance on steeper slopes.

    The heel provides a 8-14 adjustment range for the side and vertical release, while the heel plate provides 30 mm of fast adjustment.

    The freeride spacer (AL07) is included: it maximize the torsional stiffness of the binding by eliminating any slop at the boot/binding interface and reduces the vertical forces on the tech pin/boot junction during jumps and cliffs.

    • Weight: 395 grams
    • Wide freeride mount
    • Optimal heel elasticity
    • Multi-directional heel rotation
    • Easy Step-in
    • Magneto quick flick heel lifts
    • Colors perfectly match the Hagan Core skis
    • Z Values: 8-14 DIN
    • Easily length and release adjustable
    • 30mm Boot Sole Length adjustment range


    MAGNETO® HEEL FLAPS : this system provide 5 different walking position, selectable with the pole tip.

    ELASTIC RESPONSE SYSTEM®:  this system absorbs energy during ski compressions and releases it during the ski extension, allowing your skis to work the way they were designed while creating consistent retention and release.

    CAM HEEL SYSTEM ®: controls the hooking pins stabilization, offering extreme skiing precision.

    INTEGRATED CRAMPONS HOOK®: integrated into the base of the toe piece for extreme rigidity and lightness!!

    INTEGRATED FRONT-BRAKE SYSTEM®: the only ski touring brake in the world that is active in both uphill and downhill mode.


    • Aluminum alloy
    • Injection-molded POM thermo-plastic
    • Stainless steel


  • 70mm, 86mm, 91mm, 97mm and 108mm Crampons

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