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ATK Race SLR Lightweight Binding

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The SLR Lightweight Race binding -- for lightweight ski mountaineering racers and ski tourers.

  • Stylish design and advance technology. The ATK SLR Lightweight race binding is the best solution for lightweight skiers, women and children!

    SLR Lightweight is dedicated to those users who want to to get the most from their gear: ATK engineers developed technical solutions that simplify the handling of the binding with smoother and more gentle springs both in the toe and heel part for easier hooking and lower release value.

    The toe part introduces the new EASY ENTRY SYSTEM, a patented system that creates extremely quick and secure boot step in,  a new lever design that provides more comfortable locking and release of the toe, and a "pocket" for releasing the toe binding with ski poles.

    The SLR Lightweight is just 115 grams, thanks to impressive CNC machining. A polymer wheel bearing eases locking and releasing the toe piece. 

    • Weight: 115 grams
    • Made of ultra-light aluminum with titanium U-springs.
    • Automatic Semi-Lock System.
    • “Easy entry system” for even better boot step-in performance with extremely reactive and powerful closure and a new front lever that provides more comfortable locking and unlocking, with a "dimple" for the pole tip for using your ski pole to release the toe piece.
    • Polymer wheel bearing for easy toe locking and unlocking.
    • RACE SETTING: Release values are fixed at approximately a DIN value of 4 for lateral and vertical release.
    • Crampon attachment slots. Integrated crampon hooks sold separately.
    • Adjustable Heel Pin Cover System - easily adjust the rotation of the heel cover to your desired resistance.
    • Ski leashes, ski brakes and replacement parts readily available.
    • Sold in sets of two, including screws and a paper mounting template.

    The SLR Lightweight includes slots for easy mounting and removal of crampon hooks. The optional crampon hooks pictured are sold separately. Lightweight aluminum crampons are available in four widths. 30mm and 60mm adjustment plates are also available. For inbound use, a lightweight universal ski brake (easily removable and reinstall-able) is also available.

    Check and adjust the tightness of the Heel Pin Cover System periodically! Heel Pin Cover Plate rotation needs to be sufficiently tight so that the plate stays in place, either fully closed (uphill mode) or fully open (downhill mode). Adjust the tightness of the cover plate with a #10 Torx wrench. If the plate is too loose, it can rotate into a upright position, and subsequently break when a boot steps down on it.

    Heel pin cover plate breakage is not covered under warranty, because it is preventable with simple regular maintenance, but we provide replacement cover plates at low cost.

  • R01 30mm Adjustment Plate
    R04 60mm Adjustment Plate
    Ski Brake
    Safety Leash
    75mm and 91mm Crampons
    Replacement Heel Plates
    Replacement U-Springs

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