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ATK Carbon Kevlar Race Poles

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These ATK Carbon Kevlar ski mountaineering race poles are amongst the lightest available, with an added level of safety and durability. Developed and produced in Italy, they have record low weight, quality features and unparalleled performance. Selected by the best athletes in the world, the Kevlar reinforcement at the bottom of the poles improves durability and reliability, while improving safety by reducing the chance of breakage and splinters. 

The bottom 30cm of the pole shaft are reinforced with Kevlar ® to reduces the risk of pole fracture in difficult terrain or crashes. The grips are ultra light with excellent grip. The baskets are designed to optimally discharge snow.

WEIGHT: 85 grams per meter
LENGTH: 155 cm (cut to fit)
MATERIALS: 100% Carbon and Kevlar ®

Complies with the ISMF regulations 

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