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The path that lead me to starting Hagan Ski USA also lead me to becoming an endurance sports coach and starting InForm Sports Endurance Coaching. That path was worn via my own athletic pursuits and competitions, and the joy I experienced training and competing. I've trained and competed in a huge variety of sports, and would love to help you in your athletic pursuits with my knowledge, education, and teaching and coaching experience.

I coach athletes of all levels, specializing in time-constrained athletes who have become involved in endurance sports later in life. I try to deeply understand my athletes so I can help them make the best use of their time to reach their goals. I provide heart rate, power, pace or perceived exertion training ranges for athletes based on assessment of field tests & race data. My training plans are detailed and very personal. Specialties include long-distance triathlon, MTB & ski mountaineering.

My goal is to help endurance sports become as rewarding a part of an athlete’s lifestyle as they have been for me, drawing on my experiences starting from not being good enough for collegiate teams to earning national and world age-group championships in Olympic, Ironman and Xterra triathlon, duathlon and ski mountaineering. (I have completed 20 Ironman races, placing second in my age-group at Hawaii 5 times and winning my age-group in all my other Ironman races.) I have a Master’s in Exercise Physiology, taught Physical Education at West Point and commanded the US Army World Class Athlete Program where I helped 13 Soldiers qualify for the Olympics. I have coached hundreds of athletes including marathon champions (San Antonio Marathon and Columbus Marathon), Ironman World Championship Qualifiers, Leadville finishers — and many more that just wanted to complete their first marathon, Olympic or Ironman Triathlon or other personal goal.

I strive to provide value to athletes by guiding their training with scientific and experience-based practical insight — providing motivation and sometimes pulling in the reigns. I share my knowledge and experience with athletes to help them achieve their full potential, provide my counsel and support to their efforts, and help align their goals with their experience and available time. My coaching services are totally customized to your needs. My #1 specialty is meeting the needs of my athlete clients, especially working athletes, having risen through the ranks myself.

I also help coach a youth (junior and high school) running camp which will be held in Steamboat Springs, Colorado from 13 to 17 July 2022. Read more about the Elevate Mountain Running Camp here.

If you are interested in coaching, please learn more at this link or call or write me.


PHONE: 719.360.1693 Please leave a message if I don't answer. I'll respond as soon as I can.



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Does every athlete need a coach? The short answer is no. In fact, there are many athletes ranging from newbies to experienced marathoners who do just fine on their own. They don’t need motivation or accountability and have discipline and patience in spades. They know their bodies well and have learned how to listen to it when it starts making noises. They have no problem pushing themselves but they also have the intuition to adapt workouts on the fly or cut a long run short when things aren’t going well. They don’t overthink things and aren’t afraid to reach out to someone when they have questions. They always keep a longterm view in regard to how they want to progress as an athlete and appreciate that improvement comes gradually and consistently. If this sounds like you, keep doing what you’re doin’!

If you’re the opposite of the person I just described, however, keep reading and see if you could benefit from having a coach. If you’re not sure what you should be doing in training, have trouble getting out the door on a consistent basis, are getting stale in your workouts, constantly staving off injuries, plateauing in your performances or just generally not having fun with your training, it might be worth considering handing the reins over to someone you can trust to take you where you want to go. That last bit—trust—is key. At its core, coaching is a trusted relationship, whether it’s a virtual arrangement based on text communication and phone calls or you’re meeting up with a training group for an hour or two a few times a week and getting realtime feedback on your form or someone telling you how you’re looking on the last interval of a workout.

Coaching isn’t just for elite athletes. Regardless of your age, ability level or goals, a good coach will work with you to make training fit into your life, not the other way around, and help make it more enjoyable and productive. Having someone you can learn from, communicate, be inspired by and receive regular feedback from can go a long way toward helping you achieve your goals.

Think back to when you were getting involved in sports or extracurricular activities for the first time. How did you learn to play the game or develop new skills? Who motivated you to stick with it when you got frustrated? Or helped you gain a better appreciation for what you were doing? It’s more than likely that you had a coach, teacher or mentor who met you on a particular path and taught you how to navigate it until you either lost interest, fell out of touch with that person or felt competent enough to follow it on your own.

As adults, we can better appreciate and understand the role that good coaching and mentorship played throughout our lives and how it’s affected our individual trajectories as athletes, students, musicians, or whatever path we chose to follow. But it’s also not too late to experience it as an endurance athlete, whether we’re just getting into a sport, or trying to get better at it after all these years.

Not sure? Have questions? Please call me.
What could we talk about?
The sky is the limit, but some questions to consider include: Are you where you want to be at this time of year? Are you on track for your goals later this spring and summer? Is there something that has been holding you back or getting in the way of your success? Are you struggling to lose weight and improve power output or sustainable pace? I can help with these issues and many more.

I don't compete.
You don't have to compete to pursue valuable performance goals. I work with many athletes, and for many, personal performance is its own reward. Coaching isn't always about competition; it's about helping you achieve more than you can on your own.

I have an event coming up soon.
You can benefit whether your goal is next week or next year. I work with athletes on goal setting, motivation/inspiration to perform, season planning, day-to-day training, nutrition and hydration strategies, race-day tactics, event pacing, recovery strategies, and much more.