Ultra 87


The Ultra 87 is a high performance alpine touring ski with extreme edge grip, speed and agility for highly skilled backcountry skiers. 

At only 1,175 grams in the 170 cm length, the Ultra 87 climbs fast and descends with energy. Micro-ABS sidewalls, a carbon fiber base layer and tip to tail top layer carbon stringers provide supreme downhill performance — with strength and stability for challenging snow conditions. 

Light tour rocker ensures excellent lift and supports the initiation of quick turns. Subtle graphics reveal the carbon stringers. With the Ultra 87 you will be well equipped for high speed excursions in mixed terrain and snow conditions.

2021 Backcountry Magazine Gear Guide Select

  • HAGAN Ultra Series Skis

    HAGAN Ultra Series skis are exactly what ambitious, athletic skiers are looking for. They are the ultimate all mountain light touring ski. Hagan’s history of producing high performance lightweight touring skis can be felt right away in these skis’ DNA. The Ultra Series are exceptionally light and agile in all snowy conditions! Get off piste and point them straight into the powder.

    The Ultra 87's profile and design makes it perfect for all-mountain, all-conditions ski touring. Wide skis are fun in 12+ inches of blower powder, but in hard or variable snow conditions (or groomers!) wide skis perform worse on the descents. And wide skis always make for lumbering ascents. Except in deep powder, wide skis don't create easier ski touring, they make worse ski touring. Bigger isn't better. Ditch the super wide training wheel skis if less than 75% of your day will be in fresh powder – or you prefer to ski further and faster so you can descend more lines. If you are fortunate enough to have multiple sets of skis, get a set of our Boost 99s or Boost 107s for those 5% of days with bottomless light and dry powder. For the other 95% of your ski touring days skis that are lighter and faster will be more enjoyable. Get the highly awarded HAGAN Ultra 87s!

  •  Sidecut 121-87-107
    Weight 1,120 grams in the 162 cm length
    Lengths 154, 162, 170, 176 cm
    Rocker Race Rocker 300mm front, 120mm rear
    Core Ultra light Paulownia 
    Turning Radius Multiradius 17-18-20
    Construction Carbon Top and Bottom Layers, Diamond Edge Cap, Micro ABS Sidewalls
    Base High Molecular Sintered PE-Base with stone ground finish
    Target Group Ultra Light Touring, Patrollers, Guides
    Recommended Length Body height minus 5 cm, +/- depending on weight, ability and preferred turn length
  • • I highly recommend pairing your Ultra 87 skis with matching custom-tailored 100% mohair Ultra 87 hybrid glue climbing skins.
    • Mount your Ultra 87s with the Hagan Ultra World Cup binding for the ultimate in a light ski touring set up, the Pure 8 or Pure 10 bindings or the HAGAN Core 12 Pro binding for multiple climbing heights, adjustability and built in brakes.
    • Want to have some flexibility in boot sole length? Mount your Ultra World Cup bindings on the R01 Adjustment Plate.