Hagan Ski Mountaineering — Complete Collection and Technical Features

Hagan 2017 Collection and Specifications

Die-Cut Bases

Graphite race bases create the speed. Our graphite sintered bases with die-cut inlays are extremely durable with stone-ground base structure ideally tuned for optimal descending and gliding.

Multi Radius

Our multi-radius concept lets you adapt to snow conditions and speeds as desired, creating short and long turn radii on a totally individual basis. Increase forward pressure to shorten the turning radius, decrease forward pressure to lengthen the turning radius.


All Hagan ski models are equipped with tip and tail rocker. The rocker length varies amongst models between 250 and 390 mm front and 90 to 120 mm rear. The “tour” rocker height is between 3 and 4 mm.

Elliptical Front Ski

We designed an elliptical shape for our extra-wide shovels for optimal performance in any snow condition and terrain. The elliptical shape surfs untracked powder perfectly, while carving through breakable crust and difficult conditions with agility, control and precision.

Diamond Edge Cap

A Marquis-cut angled top surface increases power transmission to the ski edge, increases torsional stiffness, reduces weight and minimizes snow buildup.

Wide Diamond Tip

The strikingly broad and angular shovel blade, in combination with our touring rocker, ensures exceptional flotation.

Carbon Tip Stabilizer

Hagan’s innovative and proprietary carbon fiber inlay in the ski tip increases stability and greatly reduces vibration, improving control and smoothness on hard chattery surfaces.

Low Profile 3D-Shape

Remarkably thin construction in conjunction with a micro-height sidewall greatly reduces weight. 3-Dimensional top surface shaping increases torsional rigidity and maximizes edge grip.

Quick Bullet Skin Lock

Exceptionally simple and easy, the Quick Bullet Skin Lock permits skin removal without having to take off the ski.