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Boost Junior

Size Guide

The Boost Junior ski's specially tuned sidecut ensures easy turning descents and comes with a 220 mm tip rocker for those kids who like to rip!

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  • Hagan is a small, family-owned Austrian company. Our mission has always included encouraging and enabling more people to experience the joy of alpine ski touring. In 2106, we decided to do more. The result is Hagan Junior Series equipment so kids can join their parents on recreational tours. We couldn't be more excited. We hope you are too!

    The Boost Jr was created especially for young tourers who want to drive a fast, stable ski. Learning how to ski tour is child's play with this junior ski! Learning to ski in powder can be easy. Even first turns are exhilarating with the 76 mm waisted Boost Jr. Its lightweight construction with tip rocker gives the ski optimum flotation. The Boost Jr is the first choice for the youngest ski tourers. On these, kids zip past everything and everybody.

    The Boost Junior ski comes in 125, 135 and 145 cm lengths, each with a specially tuned sidecut to ensure easy turning descents for juniors of the corresponding height and weight. Kids like to rip! So the Boost Jr comes with a 220mm tip rocker. Parents, try to keep up!

    Notice the price, which we deliberately made very low. Lack of equipment no longer prevents juniors from ski touring with their parents. We don't want prices to, either.

    Custom-tailored Boost Jr climbing skins are available for each length of the Boost Jr ski. Mount Z02 Junior bindings on the Boost Jr ski and the kids are ready to go! Or consider our new Pure 8 tech bindings with a low 3 - 8 release setting range.

  •  Sidecut
    • 125cm length: 113-75-104

    • 135cm length: 114-76-105

    • 145cm length: 115-76-106

    Weight 950 g in the 135 cm length
    Lengths 125, 135, 145 cm
    Rocker 220 mm tip tour rocker
    Core Poplar wood core
    Turning Radius (meters)
    • 125cm: 8.5
    • 135cm: 10.3
    • 145cm: 11.8
    Construction Wood Core with Diamond Edge Cap
    Base High Molecular Sintered PE-Base with stone ground finish
    Playground Youth Recreational Ski Touring
    Recommended Length Body height minus 5 cm
  • Custom-tailored 100% mohair Hagan hybrid glue climbing skins perfectly fit the Boost Jr skis - and are easy to handle for kids.

    Mount your Boost Jr skis with Hagan Z02 Junior bindings for the ultimate in a light ski touring set up.  Or consider our new Pure 8 tech bindings with a low 3 - 8 release setting range.

    If your child's boot size is towards the upper end of the Z02 Junior binding size range, consider the Z02 binding in size small if the DIN of 3-10 is appropriate for them.