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HAGAN Ski Mountaineering backcountry skis for the 2021 season.

95 years! Our hearts beat for the mountains - and we have put this passion into our products right from the start.

From the early years as a ski manufacturer to today's specialization as a touring ski expert, the three principles of quality, durability and love for the wintry mountains are the focus of our activities.

As a third-generation family business from Austria, we are particularly proud of our lived credo "Products from ski tourers for ski tourers."

With a focus on the essentials, we develop reliable, high-quality and field-proven equipment for people who share our enthusiasm for the fascinating mountain world and ski touring. HAGAN - the Austrian ski brand since 1924.

Hagan 3 year ski warranty

Having a hard time deciding which Hagan is best for you? These points may help:

Boost Series: for downhill-oriented skiers (or days). The Boost 99 is for epic powder days and high-speed, long-radius surfing turns. The Boost 94 is for more variable conditions and will reward technically advanced skiers who like to descend hard and fast. The Boost 99 is slightly softer and more forgiving than the 94. If descending “on point” excites you and doesn’t intimidate you in the least, ski the Boost 94. If you are not as hard charging, ski the Boost 99.
  • Downhill-oriented.
  • Soft snow.
  • Boost 94 is for technically advanced aggressive skiers.
  • Boost 99 is more forgiving.
  • Pick the 94 for more aggressive and advanced skiing in difficult conditions.
  • Pick the 99 for the perfect powder days.
Core Series: for skiers who are happy to sacrifice a slight bit of climbing ease, compared to the Ultra Series, for more wide-ranging downhill performance - whether that be fast and aggressive descending for advanced downhillers or more forgiving descending for less advanced descenders. Suited for people who ski a variety of conditions, on and off-piste.
  • More all-around - both terrain and snow conditions.
  • Higher speeds, longer turns.
  • Softer flexing and slightly wider shovels and and more highly rockered tips and tails compared to the Ultra Series. Compared to the Ultra Series skis, Core Series skis are:
    • More forgiving for less advanced or athletic skiers.
    • Slightly better/easier in powder.
  • Titanal reinforcement mid-ski = great hold on hard snow and ice.
Pure Series: the “People's Ski" for novices to intermediates. They are perfect for those who frequently ski on-piste, whether they have perfected their carving skills or are still working on it. Mostly on-piste? Pure 75. More off-piste? Pure 87. Mix it up? Pure 83.
  • Tremendous performance to price ratio. Our lower cost skis. Extreme value.
  • Especially suited for novice to intermediate ski tourers.
  • Great for frequent on-piste skiing. Tremendous carvers.
  • Super ski for fitness skiers not as concerned with weight.
Ultra Series: for skiers with advanced technical descent skills who prioritize ease of climbing and are confident in their abilities to descend a wide variety of challenging conditions. Especially suited for people who rarely ski on-piste.
  • Advanced skiers (Tourers wanting more forgiving skis in the 75 to 89mm width should look at the Core and Pure Series.)
  • More uphill oriented - slightly lighter than corresponding Core Series.
  • Shorter turns, harder carving.
  • Not as forgiving. Need to be skied more actively/athletically. More active/athletic skiers will prefer them.
  • Especially suited for challenging high-alpine situations. Steep traverses, hard windblown or glazed snow, steep and narrow couloirs. 
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