Ultra 77

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3D-rib technology increases stiffness, optimizes flex progression and saves weight.

  • micro-sidewalls
  • top and bottom carbon-fiber stringers
  • wide rockered shovel
  • superb buoyancy
  • exceptional weight to surface area ratio
  • five lengths

      = ultimate light backcountry alpine touring ski.

No other ski combines the Ultra 77's weight and downhill performance.

  • HAGAN Ultra Series skis are exactly what ambitious, athletic skiers are looking for. They are the ultimate all mountain light touring ski. Hagan’s history of producing high performance lightweight touring skis can be felt right away in these skis’ DNA. The Ultra Series are exceptionally light and agile in all snowy conditions! Get off piste and point them straight into the powder.

    The Ultra 77 delivers precisely what is expected from a high performance alpine touring ski – extreme grip, speed and agility. This is a real carving monster. Designed for the most demanding applications of high-alpine mountaineers.

    The nimble Ultra 77 all-mountain ski feels at home on the slopes and in variable terrain. Light tour rocker ensures good lift and supports the initiation of quick turns. Carbon stringers run from tip to tail to help reduce chatter and provide a smooth flex. In short, the Ultra 77 is a terrific ski for people who love to go fast – up and down. With this performance rocket you get uphill fast and bomb any slope with ease, turning every ski day into a pleasure day.

    Awards bestowed on the previous Ultra 76: HAGAN Ultra 76 backcountry ski awards

  Test Winner: "This model from Hagan is one of the best small skis we have tested. Considering the size and weight, this is a lot more stable at speed and versatile than one should think. The even 18 metre sidecut radius works equally well for skidding and carving and for both short and big turns. This lightweighter has got a lot of power. It is an affordable and fun ski."  Hagan Ultra 76 test winner

  • A few season's ago the Hagan Cirrus ski was so popular we sold out in February!! And then we discontinued it.

    What? Why? Because we developed a better ski.

    Introducing the new Ultra 77. Long-term Hagan fans will recognize that name. The original Ultra was the seminal light touring ski. It was replaced by the Cirrus, which introduced a wide, rockered shovel for improved soft snow performance and dropped the weight below 1000 grams. 

    The Ultra 76 combined the best of both. The Ultra 77 takes it a step further, adding 3D tapering rib technology to improve flex and stiffness while reducing weight! It returns the ABS sidewall from the original Ultra, which adds tremendous durability, edge-hold and downhill performance in hard snow, early morning spring frozen surfaces and other challenging conditions. Now the one knock on ABS sidewalls is that they are heavy. The edge hold and durability are great. The weight not so much. We researched, developed and tested an ingenious solution. First, we engineered "micro-height" sidewalls. Instead of a tall vertical sidewall the entire height of the ski, the sidewall on the new Ultra 77 is only 4mm tall. Full-height sidewalls on downhill skis are fine. On backcountry skis they are superfluous — and heavy. Second, we took that a step further and shortened the sidewall to a 62cm section mid-ski. Mid-ski is the critical section of the ski for edge hold on hard snow and ice, and the most susceptible to edge compression from hard rock and log hits. Hagan's micro-height, mid-ski ABS sidewalls garner almost all the advantage of full ABS sidewalls at a fraction of the weight.

    The Cirrus was loved for providing tremendous float at an incredibly low weight. We took the best attributes from the Cirrus, incorporated them in the Ultra 76 and now improved further with the Ultra 77. We kept the diamond-profile sculpted surface, which saves weight and directs energy to the edges. We kept the wide shovel and front touring rocker, providing superb buoyancy and exceptional downhill performance for such a light ski. We kept the curvy sidecut for quick, sharp and powerful carving. We streamlined the tip, and added molded Y-shaped tip notch guides for easier, faster, more secure skin attachment. With the Ultra 77, we added 3D tapering rib technology for optimized flex progression, improved stiffness and simultaneously lower weight.

    Light skis are especially important to lighter skiers. "Micro-sized" skiers, we have a 148cm version of the Ultra 77 just for you. Now you can get the premium light touring ski in a size appropriate for you.

    No other ski combines the Ultra 77's weight and downhill performance. The energy the Ultra 77 saves on the ascents inspires eagerness to rip the descents! In comparison to the Race (which is designed to be as light as possible and prioritizes stability on the fastest, most direct downhill lines — skimo races are won based on time, not style points) the Ultra 77 has a much curvier sidecut and loves being tilted hard on edge. The Ultra 77 is the ski for athletes who want to climb high and deep into the mountains without foregoing downhill performance — so they can descend anything they encounter with confidence, aplomb and gusto. Used in the first and only winter Hardrock 100!

    Can't believe a ski this small and light can ski that good? Try it. Be prepared for a lot of gushing!

     Sidecut 112-77-99
    Weight 968 g in the 170cm length
    Lengths 148, 155, 163, 170, 177 cm
    Rocker 250 mm tip tour rocker
    Core Ultra light Paulownia 
    Turning Radius Multiradius 17-19-20
    Construction Diamond Edge Cap with wide Diamond Tip
    Base High Molecular Sintered PE-Base with stone ground finish
    Target Group Race/Ultra Light Touring
    Recommended Length Body height minus 5 cm
  • • I highly recommend pairing your Ultra 77 skis with matching custom-tailored 100% mohair hybrid climbing skins. Or be traditional with Ultra 77 Yellow 70%/30% Mohair climbing skins.
    • Mount your Ultra 77's with the Hagan Ultra World Cup binding for the ultimate in a light ski touring set up.
    • Want to have some flexibility in boot sole length? Mount your Ultra World Cup bindings on the R01 Adjustment Plate.