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Ultra 65 Hybrid Skins

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Climb on the fastest race skins – with Hybrid Adhesion technology for the fastest transitions!

Backcountry Magazine Editor's Choice Climbing Skin

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    • The most advanced adhesive technology – the first ever twin layer adhesive system! The outer layer sticks the skin firmly to the ski even at low temperatures and is removed with ease without leaving any residue on the ski base. The inner layer strongly binds the upper layer of adhesive to the skin backing. The Hybrid Adhesion technology creates lightning fast transitions and exceptionally easy handling and maintenance.

      Knots in the wide-diameter bungee tip securely hook into the Y-shaped tip notch on the Ultra 65 ski for fast and easy removal of climbing skins without taking off your skis. The bungee cord is stronger and more durable than competitors and eliminates the need for the rattling washers.

      The Ultra 65 climbing skins are specifically designed for racing with thin, grippy, water-resistant 100% mohair plush; a special mohair treatment to improve glide; and a thin and lightweight backing. The race skins are 60mm wide, straight cut, and have no tail clips.

      Ultra 65 Race Skins are the lightest, fastest racing skins available. Testing shows them to be amongst the fastest gliding skins on the market. More importantly, they have excellent climbing grip, superior to other mohair race skins. The easy handling hybrid adhesion, combined with bungee tip attachments and the Y-shaped skin notches on the HAGAN Ultra 65 skis, create the fastest and easiest transitions in the world. HAGAN Ultra 65 race climbing skins are the perfect match for Ultra 65 skis, creating  the ultimate system for fast ascents and ultra quick transitions.

      The black backing better shows wax and other contaminates on the adhesive. Every pair includes a solvent wipe to clean and reactivate the adhesive after heavy usage.

      Backcountry magazine review: "In testing, the adhesive proved solid, holding with plenty of power in near-zero temps while still pulling effortlessly glue-from-glue. To speed uphilling, the mohair is one of the slickest gliding."


      Hagan Climbing Skin Features:

      • Austrian-made, 100% mohair.
      • Tip Attachments: Super simple, durable, light and easy to use. Remove easily without taking off your skis.
      • Treated to resist moisture and glop.
      • Great glide, outstanding grip.

      Hybrid Adhesion Advantages:

      • perfect ski base adhesion even in low temperatures
      • effortless removal from the ski
      • maintenance-free - no need for reglueing. Tackiness is restored by simply cleaning the adhesive with conventional detergent. Use our hybrid cleaning spray to remove stubborn dirt or wax residue.
      • easy handling as the skins can be folded together and separated with ease.

What's in the box:

  • Pre-trimmed, 100%-matching climbing skins.
  • Storage bag with integrated microfiber liner for cleaning and drying skis and skin bases.
  • Solvent wipes to clean and reactivate the adhesive.
  • Instruction booklet.
  • NO protective foil sheets. They aren't needed. Save that hassle!!

Note: Pro photos of the skins aren't yet ready. My "homemade" photos show the actual color scheme and tip attachment system.

  • HAGAN racing skins are 60mm wide for their entire length, the perfect width to match the Ultra 65 race ski. They provide full width coverage in the crucial for traction under foot zone. The straight cut reduces weight and friction and improves glide. (These skins are the only HAGAN climbing skins straight-cut for their entire length. All other HAGAN climbing skins are tailor cut to match the ski geometry.)

    These race skins are provided without tail clips. 

    Solvent-free glue

    Excellent in cold weather

    Exclusive speed webbing

    Pre-treated with Dry Climb Skin Treatment water-resistant fluorocarbon coating

    Four layer lamination

    Weight: 205 grams

    Delivered with skin bag and use and care manual
    100% Mohair
  • Made in AustriaUnique products developed, tested, and sustainably manufactured in Austria.

    Hagan Skins are water resistant and treated with Dry Climb skin treatment fluidFactory treated with Dry Climb waterproofing to minimize snow and ice build up for top glide performance. Repeated application of the Dry Climb treatment ensures longevity of your climbing skins.

    Hagan skins are solvent free and environmentally consciousManufactured with carbon-neutral materials and without fluorine or other toxic substances.

    Easy HandlingSimple handling from start to finish of any ski tour. Ideal for users who desire comfort in the backcountry.

    I-Race system elastic bungee tip attachment for HAGAN race skins Ultra 65Lightweight and temperature resistant length-adjustable elastic bungee. The fastest and easiest method for attaching race skins to the ski, especially combined with the HAGAN Ultra 65 Y-shaped tip skin notches.

  • Usage Tips:

    While testing prototypes last season, I learned a few techniques to get the skins to adhere well to your skis. These tips are specific to the hybrid race skins. The "don't stretch the bungee" tip only applies to the race skins, as the other skins have a tail hook.

    1. Don't stretch the bungee at all!! It is too strong and will pull the skin off the ski while you are trying to apply it. Just hook the bungee in your ski notch. Only stretch the bungee when removing the skin. Don't stretch it at all before.

    2. More so than glue skins, the hybrid skins need pressure to get firmly attached to the ski. Don’t waste a lot of time rubbing them on with your hand. Instead, apply them with a little pressure and then with each hand holding the skin to the ski, place the ski down on the snow. Step in, and take the first few steps with full weight on the ski. That will "set" the skin and it should adhere firmly the rest of the climb. I only lost a skin two times in ~60 days of testing after doing this. (And it is much quicker to reapply the hybrid skins.)

    3. If it is quite cold and you have snow crystals on the skins, wipe them across your thigh a time or two to brush off the snow/ice. Because they aren't glue, that quite effectively removes the snow (without sticking to your pants.)

    I hope the hybrid skins work well for you. I think they will with these tips, and you will really enjoy the handling advantages and not needing to store them with plastic foils - ever! There are two conditions that will test the adherence of the hybrid race skins – but would ANY skin: 1. Exceptionally cold temps (colder than -10º.) 2. Very soft snow where it is difficult to "set" the skins. (Tip #2 above.) All the other hybrid skins are relatively unfazed by these conditions because of their tail clips providing additional hold.


    The tackiness of our hybrid adhesive will only be impaired by dirt on its surface. The adhesive strength can be renewed simply by washing with standard detergent and water. For stubborn dirt and wax residue, our hybrid cleaning spray can be used.

    After significant use, you can renew the water-resistance, anti-icing and glide characteristics of our Race skins with our specially formulated Hagan Dry Climb Skin Treatment. For quick field use, ourHagan Skin Wax will keep your skins from icing or collecting wet snow.

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