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Contour Race climbing skins

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Fantastic Skimo race skins

Contour racing skins are 60mm wide for their entire length, the perfect width to match the Ultra 65 race ski. They provide full width coverage in the crucial for traction under foot zone. The straight cut reduces weight and friction and improves glide. 

 Solvent-free glue

Excellent in cold weather

Exclusive speed webbing

Pre-treated with Dry Climb Skin Treatment water-resistant fluorocarbon coating

Four layer lamination

Weight: 140 grams

Delivered with skin bag, protective foil and use and care manual

100% Mohair

Made in AustriaUnique products developed, tested, and sustainably manufactured in Tirol, Austria.

Hagan Skins are water resistant and treated with Dry Climb skin treatment fluidFactory treated with Dry Climb waterproofing to minimize snow and ice build up for top glide performance. Repeated application of the Dry Climb treatment ensures longevity of your climbing skins.

Hagan skins are solvent free and environmentally consciousManufactured with carbon-neutral materials and without fluorine or other toxic substances.

Easy HandlingSimple handling from start to finish of any ski tour. Ideal for users who desire comfort in the backcountry.

I-Race system elastic bungee tip attachment for HAGAN race skins Ultra 65Lightweight and temperature resistant length-adjustable elastic bungee. The fastest and easiest method for attaching race skins to the ski, especially combined with the HAGAN Ultra 65 Y-shaped tip skin notches.

After significant use, you can renew the water-resistance, anti-icing and glide characteristics of our Race skins with our specially formulated Contour Dry Climb Skin Treatment. For quick field use, ourHagan Skin Wax will keep your skins from icing or collecting wet snow.

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