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Hagan touring skins are custom tailored for each ski model to exactly match the sidecut (minus the steel edge). 100% Mohair, Mohair mixes and advanced attachment systems are expressly tuned for each ski category.



Silver Tiger (Available with glue or adhesion bases)

These exceptionally fast gliding, 100% mohair climbing skins are paired with the Y[wai]-Series and Cirrus skis. Light skis deserve fast skins.


Chimera (Available with glue or adhesion bases)

These skins perfectly and stylishly match the design of the Chimera series skis. New! Chimera climbing skins are now 100% Mohair. You will be using your Chimera skis often and for years. Chimera skins are the perfect match.


Green Tiger

These skins pair with our Sky Series and Special Series skis. 70% Mohair provides great glide and 30% nylon improves durability and climbing performance for audacious goals. Rely on high-performance Green Tiger climbing skins.


Blue Tiger

The fastest ski touring race skis need the fastest skins. The Blue Tigers are the lightest, fastest, most reliable racing skins available. The special 100% mohair climbing skins are designed specifically for racing with thin, grippy, water-resistant plush; a special mohair treatment to improve glide; a thin and lightweight backing; proven all-conditions glue that maintains grippiness after repeated use; and absolutely bomber tip and tail attachments.