Chimera Series

Chimera Series - The success story of the Chimera Series continues with fully modernized editions three years following the initial launch.

The new low-height profile and 3-D top surface create lighter weight while improving ski mountaineering performance. Proven elements such as ABS sidewalls, 3D top surfaces and paulownia wood cores are refined for even better handling characteristics. New for the Chimera Series is the Quick Bullet Skin Lock system in the ski tip. Indispensable to our race and Y[wai]-Series skis, the light and easy QBSL skin attachment system is now added to the Chimera Series skis. The new Chimera versions bring the latest developments in touring ski construction and design. With 83 to 93 mm waists, the new Chimera Zero, Chimera One and Chimera Two cover the range for all backcountry ski tourers. Women don’t miss out — the Chimera Two L is specifically designed for you.