Boost 94 Smart Glue Skins

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The new benchmark for freeride climbing skins, perfect for extensive and demanding ski touring adventures.

tldr: very packable, great glide, good grip, easy to pull apart. Lightweight skin that packs down easily and takes up minimal pack-space.


Hagan Boost 94 POW skins provide perfect grip and climbing properties ideal for high peaks and low temperatures!

Fiberseal technology creates a waterproof barrier that prevents water absorption. Thanks to this technology, Boost 94 skins are perfect for long ski tours in variable snow conditions.

Smart Glue is designed especially for low temperatures and provides grip even at freezing temperatures due to its excellent adhesive power. Smart Glue is extremely convenient for everyday use and guarantees easy removal of the skins. Smart Glue does not require a separating foil which allows easy cleaning of the adhesive surfaces. 

Smart Glue makes ripping skins off skis super easy and pulling them apart is almost effortless. The glide out of the box is great and gets even better with a thousand feet of skinning. The backing material is nice and thin so packing them up and putting them in your jacket is super nice.

Made in Tyrol with the highest-grade materials and sealed laser-cut edges, Boost 94 POW skins are an efficient, fast gliding skin.


  • The finest Mohair mix plush glides quickly and efficiently.
  • Fiber Seal Technology is 100% waterproof.
  • Smart Glue works down to -30 degrees Fahrenheit and remains easy to pull off skis in any conditions.
  • Clip tail attachment is secure and easy to adjust on a perforated elastic strap.
  • High-precision laser cut finish means clean and durable edges.
  • Fluorocarbon impregnation gives better glide out of the box.
  • Made in Tyrol, Austria without the use of solvents.
  • Stainless Steel tip attachment perfectly fits Boost 94 POW ski tips.
  • Smart Glue - low maintenance, easy handling, quick and easy transitions. Enjoy easy on, easy off, easy separation, easy storage, no mess – with tremendous adhesion and reliability. Skins can be folded without any foil or sheet. Unlike traditional glue skins, which are very hard to separate from themselves, Smart Glue pulls apart very easily. You will appreciate the handling more than you may think at cold trail heads and the top of windy mountain tops. 

    Hagan Smart Glue Climbing Skin Features:

    • Austrian-made.
    • Perfect fit: Tailored to the exact length and width (minus 4mm) of the matching Boost 94 skis.
    • Tip Bails and Tail Clips: Super simple, durable, light and easy to use. Remove easily without taking off your skis.
    • Treated to resist moisture and glop.
    • Great glide, outstanding grip.

    Smart Glue Advantages:

    • Excellent ski base adhesion even in low temperatures.
    • Effortless removal from the ski.
    • Super easy handling – fold together and separate with ease. Skip fumbling around with protective foil.

    What's in the box:

    • Pre-trimmed, perfectly fit-matching climbing skins.
    • Storage bag with integrated microfiber liner for cleaning and drying skis and skin bases.
    • Instruction booklet.
    • NO protective foil sheets. They aren't needed. Save that hassle!!

  • The skin for those who want to fly high. Due to its Mohair mix, waterproof skin structure and Smart Glue adhesive designed for low temperatures, the Boost 94 POW skin is the perfect choice for alpine ski tours. The Mohair skin guarantees perfect climbing and gliding properties and provides perfect grip even on cold days. Smart Glue is easy to pull apart. These skins adhere at bone-chilling temps AND are a breeze to remove.

    The use of the latest laser technology not only saves production time but also energy. The pursuit of a zero-defect strategy and optimal use of raw materials contribute to resource-saving production. Economical - efficient - precise.

    Solvent-free glue
    Excellent in cold weather
    Smart Glue skins are exceptionally easy to use and store
    Exclusive speed webbing
    Pre-treated with water-resistant coating
    Delivered with skin bag and use and care manual
    Tip bails and tail clips hook quickly, easily and securely
    Made in Austria
  • The HAGAN Smart Glue touring ski skin is the perfect allrounder among the ski skins and ensures your safe and comfortable ascent. The robust Mohair mix of 65% mohair and 35% nylon is highly abrasion resistant and provides a perfect grip.
 Fiberseal technology makes your skin 100% water repellent. 
The proven Smart Glue adhesive layer ensures easy handling and can be used down to -30 degrees.

    Fiberseal technology creates a waterproof skin structure, which completely prevents water absorption and is also extremely robust - perfect for ski mountaineering! Smart Glue is a state-of-the-art adhesive specially designed for low temperatures, It offers excellent hold even in freezing temperatures. Perfect hold and optimal climbing properties - for high peaks and low temperatures!

    Fiberseal technology is 100% water repellent - the skin stays dry. Smart Glue, a state-of-the-art adhesive, ensures easy handling and easy detachment of the skins.

    The first waterproof climbing skin enhances the performance of the adhesive layer and climbing layers and has a tremendous impact against glopping. The innovative fabric is ultra-thin and compact at the same time and has an incredible feel that combines robustness with fine handling.

    Made in AustriaUnique products developed, tested, and sustainably manufactured in Austria.

    Hagan Skins are water resistant and treated with Dry Climb skin treatment fluidFactory treated with waterproofing to minimize snow and ice build up for top glide performance. 

    Hagan skins are solvent free and environmentally consciousManufactured with carbon-neutral materials and without fluorine or other toxic substances.

    Easy HandlingSimple handling from start to finish of any ski tour.

  • Maintenance:

    Proper handling influences the life of your skin: therefore hang the skin up to dry in a well ventilated room after use. 
Do not dry directly on a heater, oven or other heat source, as this can damage the structure of the Mixmohair or the adhesive layer.

    Notice: The colors of the skins can differ from illustration.

    The tackiness of our hybrid adhesive will only be impaired by dirt and other contaminants on its surface. The adhesive strength can be renewed simply by washing with standard detergent and water. For stubborn dirt and wax residue, our hybrid cleaning spray can be used.

    After significant use, you can renew the water-resistance, anti-icing and glide characteristics of our skins with our specially formulated Hagan Dry Climb Skin Treatment. For quick field use, our Hagan Skin Wax will keep your skins from icing or collecting wet snow.

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