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Ultra Heel Pieces

The perfect complement to Hagan Ultra 65 and 77 skis.

Also works great with the narrower Core and  Ride Series skis. 

    • The HAGAN Ultra ski mountaineering race binding heel piece is ultra light weight: just 40 grams. A hardened titanium alloy on the rear fork pins reduces wear and step in force. 30mm and 60mm adjustment plates are compatible with the heel piece. The Hagan Ultra binding is the ideal complement to the Ultra 65 and our other lightweight skis. Set of two.


    • Ultra lightweight and durable for racing.

      • Weight: 40 grams
      • Made of ultra-light aluminum with titanium U-springs.
      • Mount 5.5mm behind your boot and rotate 90° for flat mode.
      • Ski leashes, ski brakes and replacement parts readily available.
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