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When we say we are Pure Ski Mountaineering specialists, we mean it. We have the world's largest selection of backcountry skiing gear, including 9 bindings. A universal expedition binding and 8 Pin Bindings

Simplicity, durability and performance are the cornerstone of our bindings. The Core 12 is the highly regarded, award-winning, lightweight and durable high performance Freeride binding, updated for the 2021 season as the Core 12 Pro. The Pure 8 and Pure 10 are the lightest all-mountain performance bindings available for avid backcountry skiers. The Pure 8 is a fantastic junior/kids binding, weighing much less than half that of the closest competing binding. The Ultra World Cup binding is the proven choice when uphill speed is the priority, but downhill performance is a requirement. It is updated for 2021 with our exclusive "Rolling In System" for much easier heel step in, consistent release and much improved longevity. Demo/rental versions of the Core 12 Pro, Pure 8 and Pure 10 are available. 

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Hagan Bindings - Z02, Z02 Junior, Ultra, Core, ZR, ATK Freeraider

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