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When we say we are Pure Ski Mountaineering specialists, we mean it. We have the world's largest selection of backcountry skiing gear, including 12 bindings. 3 Frame bindings for the traditionalists, a universal expedition binding and 8 Pin Bindings! Our frame bindings are made in Germany, our pin bindings in Italy. All to the highest quality standards.

HAGAN Z01 and Z02 carbon-framed bindings are for advanced all-mountain on and off-piste skiers. The Z02 Junior is for kids aspiring to be. The Z01 and Z02 design priorities are ease of use and adjustability, compatibility with a wide variety of ski boots, and excellent uphill and downhill performance at a low weight and price. They have more adaptability to different ski boot types, more range of adjustment, easier operability and better uphill gait dynamics than any other plate binding. 

Simplicity, durability and performance are also the cornerstone of our pin bindings. The Core 12 is the highly regarded, award winning, lightweight and durable high performance Freeride binding. The Pure 8 and Pure 10, new for 2019-20, are the lightest all-mountain performance bindings available for avid backcountry skiers. The Ultra binding is the proven choice when uphill speed is the priority, but downhill performance is a requirement.

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Hagan Bindings - Z02, Z02 Junior, Ultra, Core, ZR, ATK Freeraider