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R06 Kevlar ski safety leash

Size Guide

Attached to your skis and don't want to lose them?

These safety leashes have a Kevlar core for strength, wrapped in coiled polyurethane to make them unobtrusive. When separated from your ski, the cords will stretch out to about 60cm and will break with about 70kg of force.

They weigh only 18 grams and come in sets of two. For use with HAGAN Ultra or ZR bindings.

For use with the ZR binding, use a short length of thin nylon rope through the small holes at the tip of the toe locking lever to form a small loop, as pictured. A rope loop is not required for the Ultra binding as it has a larger leash hole. The R06 safety leashes can also be used with most other bindings.

(Set of two)