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February 13, 2020 3 min read

Equipment - clothing & gear

It is important to have the correct gear for an enjoyable hut trip. But don't overpack!

Make sure to wear bright colors, it's good for the soul and gives photos a funky edge!

Ski gear (all in excellent condition)

- Ski touring skis with appropriate bindings.

We recommend mid-width (80 to 99mm) skis so you can enjoy powdery descents and skiing on all types of snow, without the extra weight and friction drag of wide skis. Many huts have long and difficult ingresses (particularly with heavy packs.) If your skis weigh over 1600 grams or your bindings over 400 grams, your trip to the hut may be so tiring that you have little energy or motivation to ski once you get there! Donate your overweight gear to some hapless side country skier.

- Ski skins 

- Ski crampons

- Ski poles

- Ski touring boots 

- Avalanche kit: transceiver, shovel and probe 

- 35 litre backpack

Security advice: avalanche airbag backpacks are highly recommended.

They help to stay on the surface in case of avalanche and minimize the risk of burial. We highly recommend you to opt for high quality and reliable gear. 


This list of clothes is designed to give you an idea of clothes it may be a good to have with you. By no means do you need to have the latest brands or the latest gear, but if you need to renew your wardrobe, this guide would be a good start.


- Warm hat or buff/scarf

- Ski goggles (2 pairs) and sunglasses: UV factory 4 protective lenses. Photochromic glasses adapt to light intensity and are very useful

- Helmet (highly recommended)


- Under layer: breathable long sleeved tops to maintain heat. A tip: merino wool is breathable and has anti-bacterial properties and is therefore less likely to smell as opposed to synthetic fabrics. Take this into consideration if you need to update your wardrobe.

- Middle layer: a light polar or synthetic jacket for an extra layer of heat during breaks

- Outer layer: a Gore-tex or similar type of jacket with a breathable waterproof membrane. Make sure it's lightweight and compact so it doesn't take up too much space in your backpack

- Bottom layer: trousers with a breathable waterproof membrane (Gore Tex or similar) with long side zips allowing air to flow, recommended on climbs

- Hands: light fleece or soft shell gloves, a pair of silk glove liners to go underneath, warm gloves with a breathable and waterproof membrane. Mittens are always a good idea for really cold days of for those of you who feel the cold !

- Swimming gear: For the sauna, if the hut has one. It takes up such little space, it would be a shame not to bring it just in case. A sauna and snow bath is the best way to freshen up after a day of skiing.


- Ski socks: merino wool socks are breathable and have anti-bacterial properties and are less likely to smell as opposed to those made of synthetic fabrics. Think about them if you need to stock up.

- Slippers recommended for evening wear. Try charentaises they’re really comfortable ! 

Odds & ends

  • a 1 litre flask (Thermos or Camelback)
  • a pocket knife
  • duck tape
  • factor 50 sun cream
  • a duffle bag holding up to 90 litres to leave at the hotel or in a vehicle. No suitcases. 

Toiletries and first aid kit

- Personal toilet bag

- To make your first aid kit, please find all information on Ifremont's website. 


Bring a small day pack large enough to carry your personal belongings for day trips - such as (extra) layers, a few snacks, your picnic and security equipment.

And last but not least...

Don't forget to: 

- Leave contact details and itinerary with your friends and family.

- Bring your reservation number and hut lock combo.

- Check that you have the right equipment.

- Take spare batteries and a charger for your electronic devices (phone, tracking devices, etc.)

- Bring some cash and your credit card (for post trip replenishing and in case on the way to the trailhead you realize some important gear you forgot - despite this checklist - and can purchase on the way.)

- Bring a delicacy to share with the group.

- Leave in a good frame of mind: You are going to have a great time even if there are delays and difficulties at the trailhead and on the trail.

- Before leaving: water the plants, empty the rubbish bin, turn off water and gas, and tell your partner that you're going to have a good time (please not by text message), that you've well deserved... If you don't follow the latter recommendation, you'll most probably kick yourself when you get back! 

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