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January 08, 2019 1 min read

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The Super Grip is quite different from normal crampons, including our own crampons. While those articulate, the Super Grip is securely attached to the base of the ski with velcro. It has a much larger surface contact area, but is not as deep. It is also “universal” in that it will work with almost any bindings, and any skis up to 100mm wide.
Functionally, this means the Super Grip is:
  • Very good in hard snow conditions - mid-winter above treeline windblown or refrozen spring snow.
  • Not as good in powder or soft snow (melted spring snow)
  • Easy to stick in a backpack and pull out when needed - especially if you have buddies that need assistance.
  • Can act as an emergency traction device, in case of skin failure. Can either be installed over the skins as usual, but helping to secure a skin with glue failure, or even using without a skin in case you lose one.
All that make sense? Let me know if you have questions.
You can probably get a better idea from looking at these pictures:
Michael Hagen
Michael Hagen

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dave dogruel
dave dogruel

January 25, 2019

Any chance you will be offering these to fit even wider skis, like 110-115 mm underfoot?

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