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August 18, 2020 2 min read

I get asked a lot: What gear do you recommend for kids? Especially this year as it looks like there will be high demand for junior alpine ski touring gear as people want to get away from the resorts.

Here is my answer - 

This is Hagan's junior/kid gear for the upcoming season. Yes, unfortunately the Z02 Junior binding was discontinued. When I learned it was discontinued, I bought all the limited remaining stock Hagan in Austria. That went fast last winter.

Hagan didn’t do another production run as they didn’t think they could sell through minimum production number. That decision was made before Coronavirus. It might have been different after!

The decision to stop the Z02 Junior binding was partly because we now have the Pure 8 Junior binding. The Z02 Junior had the advantage of working with regular downhill boots.

HAGAN Pure 8 Junior binding

But the Pure 8 Junior is much lighter. (About a tenth the weight of the Z02 Junior, and less than half the weight of the somewhat comparable Dynafit Rotation.) So a very good option - if you can find small enough tech-insert fitted boots. Which was also the same crux with the Z02 Junior binding.


The only difference between the regular Pure 8 and the Pure 8 junior is the junior has a much longer length adjustment track, enough for about 5 full boots sizes, to accommodate rapidly growing kids. So the trick/hurdle as always is finding a tech fitted boot that is small enough. They are unavailable, far as I know, below 21.5 in off the shelf boots. Our smallest boots, the Hagan Core Pro and Pure W are 23.0.


Pair the Pure 8 Junior binding with our Boost Junior ski and matching skins. The Boost Junior is designed for kids - wide enough to offer float in soft snow while having sufficient sidecut to encourage carving. The hybrid glue skins are much easier for kids to handle. Transitions become pretty simple instead of a wrestling match.


Some kids may want to consider one of our Ultra, Pure or Core series skis. They come in lengths as short as 148cm for the Ultra 77, 152 for the Ultra 82 and 154cm for the Ultra 87. The Pures are as short as 140 for the Pure 75 and 148 for the Pure 83. The Core Lite 84 is as short as 148cm.


The Ultras and Core Lite 84 are considerably lighter for their size than the Boost Jr.


If you also need youth poles, we have a very high quality adjustable entry-level touring pole as well as our Ultra carbon fiber race pole in lengths as short as 110cm!


Please feel free to call or write with questions. 




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