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November 27, 2016 3 min read

Introducing the new, seventh generation Hagan Race ski mountaineering race ski. (And fast and light touring ski!)

Hagan's reputation for exceptional performance and outstanding value is earned from 93 years of making backcountry skis.

The previous generation X-Race was one of the best race skis available anywhere — and was without a doubt the best value. So how did we make it better? We developed proprietary micro-height ABS sidewalls mid-ski to improve edge power and durability. Precisely adjusted rocker and sidecut further improve downhill performance. All while keeping the weight in the low 700 grams.

Despite all the improvements, the new Hagan Race is priced exactly the same. Hagan has raised the value proposition yet again

Ten years ago no other ski matched the Hagan Race's low weight and low price. Seven years ago we gave the new "X-Race" a broader tip and tail to improve downhill performance. It remained unmatched for its combination of price, performance and weight. Five years ago we lowered the X-Race's weight by 11%. No other ski could even remotely be considered a rival for the new weight, price, durability and performance. Three years ago we introduced a new X-Race with a wider, diamond edge elliptical shovel for optimal lift and flotation, rocker for unsurpassed performance across the range of conditions from fresh, deep powder to wind-blown and sun-baked crust, and increased length and width for improved high speed stability. All these advancements increased surface area and improved flotation for significantly improved downhill performance — leading to new performance peaks. The X-Race became the most popular race ski in America. Rivals? Yeah, they were gasping! Did we rest on our laurels? Hardly.

The previous generation X-Race was one of the best race skis available anywhere — and was without a doubt the best value. So how did we make it better? We improved downhill performance and durability by adding micro ABS sidewalls and tweaking the rocker, length and sidecut for better edge hold. Of course, that had to make it heavier, right? How much heavier? Zero grams. We think that is a trade-off you can live with. Oh, and the price is exactly the same. Hagan has raised the value proposition yet again!

The Hagan race team is an integral part of our product testing and development. Subjecting our test products to their tough use shows us how to reduce every last unnecessary gram while not losing focus on durability, safety and performance.

Over the last several years we pushed the weight of our race ski to its lowest practical limit. To offer our athletes the best all situations performance and durability, we don’t participate in the low weight at all costs madness — sacrificing reliability, durability and downhill performance.

The race team and our development team are confident of this — Hagan has raised the bar again.

 The 2017 Race is completely reinvented. It is the result of years of tireless development work. The Race climbs just as sprightly as ever, and the downhill performance is even better! For 2017 we added micro-height ABS sidewalls in the mid-ski area for improved strength, durability and edge hold. A new shape and the ABS sidewalls provide sensational power transmission and control — at the same 700g weight. The rocker is shortened to 200mm and the sidecut slightly tweaked so the Race tracks true and enables higher speed. We streamlined the tip and added molded Y-shaped tip notch guides for easier, faster, more secure skin attachment. So subtle it isn't apparent in the graphic, a slightly opaque swoosh discretely reveals the wood core.

Hagan Race climbing skins
The redesigned Race retains the stable, reliable performance for which the previous X-Race was renown — and improves on it! The Diamond Edge Cap reinforced by the micro ABS sidewalls deliver durability and exceptional ascent and descent characteristics required for success in modern ski tour racing.  The Race is lightning fast on the ups, superb on the downs, and durable. The new Hagan Race — Faster and more confidently towards the finish line!

The Race’s downhill performance is simply incredible for a ski weighing 700 grams. For those who think “I couldn’t possibly ski a ski that narrow and light.” We say “Oh yes, with the Race, you can!” And yet while it is amongst the lightest race skis in the world, it is also one of the most durable skis in the genre. Some race skis boast incredibly low weights (and incredibly high prices). And yet you rarely see them except on the feet of sponsored racers — and then usually just on uphill only races.  There is a reason for that. Hagan skis are not “race day only” skis.

The Race is the only ski mountaineering race ski available in a 151cm length, which is perfect for smaller and lighter skiers. The 151cm length is lighter (640 grams!) and more maneuverable than longer skis while providing plenty of float and control.

Check out the specs here.

Michael Hagen
Michael Hagen

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