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January 08, 2019 3 min read

Hagan Ski Mountaineering USA gladly extends pro deals to professional skiers and ski industry employees. Professional skiers include ski instructors, ski patrollers, mountain guides, avalanche center forecasters, mountain search and rescue, and the rare and elusive professional backcountry skier or ski mountaineering racer. Ski industry employees include specialty ski shop employees, ski tuning and maintenance technicians, ski area employees, etc. We have to draw the line somewhere, so, for example, people working in the racket sports sections of REI or Dick's Sporting Goods don't qualify. Sorry.

If you are interested in a Hagan Pro Discount, write me a short email at Include your background and pro qualifications, work phone number and some proof of your current employment status. Photos or scans of ID badges, pay stubs, etc. suffice.

Please also briefly state why you chose Hagan and the specific gear you desire.

The Hagan Ski USA pro-deal program is only for the residents of the United States and Canada. If you feel that you are eligible for the program, please follow the instructions below and I will be stoked to set you up with our insider pro-deal discount code that you can use when shopping on this website.

  • Ski shop employees
  • Ski resort employees
  • Ski patrol members
  • Ski instructors
  • Mountain guides and ski tour operators
  • Athletes
  • Outdoor industry insiders incl. OIA/SIA members
  • Active duty military personnel and veterans. I'm glad to provide a pro discount to service men and women. I am a former Army Green Beret, 10th SFG(A), but will even give discounts to Seals! :)
  • Professional firefighters and first-responders

Here are the three simple steps to get your pro-deal:

  1. Email me at with details about the work you do per the list above, and include proof.
  2. Like our page on Facebook
  3. Follow us on Instagram

Once we've validated step 1, 2 and 3 we will send you a personalized promo code that you can use during checkout on


    To prove your eligibility you can attach one of the following: current proof of employment, copy of employment contract, an image of your valid professional card, copy of your pay stub for the 2018/2019 ski season or your military, veteran or first-responder ID. When emailing documents please make sure you black out any social security, pay figures or sensitive financial data such as bank accounts etc.

    If you can't provide at least one of the above, please send us any other proof you might have demonstrating your eligibility.

    • Pro-deals can only be applied to new, current season gear. It may not be combined with other coupons, discounts or deals. During a seasonal sale or other promotional period some products may be listed at a discounted price and pro-deal codes may be temporarily disabled during the sale season.
    • Hagan USA pro-deal is a single offer per season. Your pro code is a unique discount code that is only valid for a single transaction. Do not share or give it away! Should you wish to make additional pro-deal transactions for yourself, please contact us again.
    • You are eligible to purchase items for yourself and yourself only. If you purchase for someone other than yourself using your personal pro-deal code, you may be permanently denied from participation in Hagan's pro-deal program.
    • All pro-deals are subject to the same terms and conditions, warranties, returns and shipping offers as normal purchases. Please see our Warranty, FAQ and Terms of Use pages for details.

    Welcome to the Hagan Ski Mountaineering family!

    Hagan Alpine Ski Tourers at an Alpine Hut

    I am not participating in the Outdoor Prolink and ExpertVoice/Experticity/Promotive professional discount programs. Participating with them would provide significant marketing value to me, helping to increase awareness and availability of Hagan gear. That is a huge value, but as a very small company, the cost is currently too high. Outdoor ProLink and ExpertVoice charge significant annual set up fees and  commissions on each transaction. By offering discounts directly to industry professionals, I can provide pros larger savings with better responsiveness, personal advice and recommendations, much less hassle and access to the entire Hagan catalog. 

    I admire the Outdoor Prolink and ExpertVoice/Promotive business models. I wish I had thought of it first! These online only ecommerce sites charge brands substantial listing fees, get a healthy cut of every sale and, best of all, have NO inventory risk and NO shipping, warranty, repair or customer service responsibilities. Once the IT backbone is set up (which is an expertise I certainly don't possess) electrons flow back and forth and cash flows in. Like I said – Ingenious!! I know it isn't that simple, but believe me, the absence of inventory management alone is a huge migraine saver. The business model is exceptionally clever.


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