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January 22, 2021 1 min read

Why buy Black Diamond bindings when you can support a small business and buy superior Hagan bindings?

Here are a few reasons why it is better to ski Hagan:

1. The BD Helio 350 is not the same as the Hagan Core 12 Pro.

  • It does not have the new toe with improved step in, springless design, uphill retention adjustment, snow block system and lighter weight.
  • Despite the BD Helio 350 being inferior (and ugly), they charge more!

2. The BD Helio 110 is not the same as the Hagan Ultra World Cup.

  • It lacks the vastly superior Rolling In System U Springs of the Ultra World Cup. The Rolling In System U Springs make step in MUCH easier (especially helpful in soft snow), last much longer and provide more consistent and safer release.
  • Despite lacking the Rolling In System U springs and using much cheaper standard U springs that you will end up going through the hassle and expense of replacing much sooner, BD charges the same for their inferior (and ugly) product.

3. BD doesn't have the equivalent of the Pure 8 and Pure 10 bindings. They have a much inferior binding lacking brakes and with much more difficult and problematic (like dealing with stripped bolts?) length adjustment.

4. Good luck getting service from BD. 

5. BD is a big, impersonal company. Shop small and get better customer service. Ski Hagan.

Hagan Pure alpine touring binding and Pure 10 ski touring binding

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