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January 11, 2017 3 min read

Hagan's 2 Zone Composite climbing skin are the most advanced climbing skins in the world, and a Hagan exclusive. Hagan’s composite vacuum skin combines performance and easy handling in one product. The 2 Zone Composite innovation increases the power of the vacuum adhesion along the edges and lowers it in the middle. This makes the climbing skin easier to use, lighter and gives it a distinct look.Hagan Dual Zone compound vacuum backcountry skiing climbing skin

Adhesion skins are based on the principle of a vacuum between the skin surface structure and the ski base. Early glue-free skins had several advantages, but users found snow infiltrated between the edges of the skins and the base, ultimately leading to skin failure. Feedback from users of early versions of adhesion skins was to increase the skin adhesion to prevent snow infiltration. We found increasing the adhesion properties on the entire skin surface an unacceptable option, because it introduces handling disadvantages — the skins become too hard to separate in their stored state. Instead, we engineered a solution that solves the snow infiltration issue without creating handling difficulties. We created a 2 Zone composite adhesion system. We mix two zones — very strong adhesion along the edges with reduced adhesion in the center — to make skin security very high without handling difficulties.

Ski mountaineering climbing skins are a critical accessory which must be trustworthy and efficient. Climbing and gliding performance are crucial, and user friendliness makes a huge difference. Everyone is happy when skins separate easily. No one is happy if the glue or adhesion fail in difficult conditions. The trick is to create adhesion that is strong in the key edge, tip and tail areas without making stored skins too difficult to separate. Hagan’s 2 Zone Composite technology addresses these demands optimally. It is the perfect solution. And the solution is clearly visible due to separate red and blue adhesion areas.

Hagan Dual Zone compound vacuum backcountry skiing climbing skin

We guarantee a unique product, 100% made in Austria, developed by our engineers and based on input and feedback from our athletes and customers.

  • Glue-free adhesive layer
  • Silicon-free adhesive layer
  • Nearly completely wear resistant adhesive layer
  • Easy to clean
  • No glue or other debris left on ski bases
  • Easy to separate when stored with the adhesive layers touching each other
  • No protective foil required — easier to handle in the field
  • Skins can be folded and rolled
  • Outstanding performance in cold weather
  • Precisely pre-cut by digital controllers for perfect matching to ski geometry
  • Sealed seams
  • 100% mohair plush for outstanding grip and glide

Composite Vacuum Skins are available for Chimera and Y-Series skis. For both of these lines we continue to offer standard / glue skins.

Hagan mohair climbing skin for alpine touring backcountry skis.

Hagan touring skins

In general all our skins are custom tailored for each ski model to exactly match the sidecut (minus the steel edge). 100% Mohair, Mohair mixes and advanced attachment systems are expressly tuned for each ski category.

Silver Tiger  

These exceptionally fast gliding, 100% mohair climbing skins are paired with the Y[wai]-series and Cirrus skis. Light skis deserve fast skins.


These skins perfectly and stylishly match the design of the Chimera series skis. You will be using your Chimera skis often and for years. Chimera skins are the perfect match.

Green Tiger

These skins pair with our Sky Series and Special Series skis. 70% Mohair provides great glide and 30% nylon improves durability and climbing performance for audacious goals. Rely on high-performance Green Tiger climbing skins.

Blue Tiger

The special 100% mohair climbing skins are designed specifically for racing with thin, grippy, water-resistant plush; a special mohair treatment to improve glide; a thin and lightweight backing and absolutely bomber tip and tail attachments.


Dry Climb skin treatment

Skin wax

Vacuum Skin cleaner

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